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Bring Your Small Livestock for a Stay!

We know owning alpacas includes a daily commitment to feed and care for them and at times can make it a challenge to be away from your farm. As such we're excited to open our farm to your alpacas or small livestock for a short or extended stay and give them the same love and attention we give to our alpacas. You are welcome to come visit your animals at anytime.

We offer 24/7 care and and transport to and from your farm, if needed!

Your alpacas or small livestock will have their own stall, own holding pen and the freedom to go to the pasture as they please. 

Fresh water is always available and waterers and stalls are cleaned daily.

For alpacas, we use Platinum Blend Alpaca Feed along with orchard grass hay. The hay is grown and harvested through a partnership with a local dairy farm.

Veterinary services, if ever needed, are not included in our flat boarding costs and will be billed to you separately. 

Insurance on your alpacas or small livestock is at your expense and is required, unless a waiver is signed. Owner must show proof of live stock to be BVDV free and up to date on shots.

Transportation, if needed, is provided at an additional cost in an enclosed livestock trailer with an easy to load low deck and gently sloped ramp.