Hope Learning Center Environment
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Hope Learning Center (HLC) is located on 7 beautiful acres of Sunset Ridge Farm in Bucks County.  This peaceful environment lends itself to a relaxed atmosphere for our students.  Outdoors, students can enjoy s'mores around the fire pit, yard games, walking the grounds and interacting with the animals, or just hanging out with friends around the pond or in one of the seating areas. Indoors, we offer a lounge area and kitchen where classes and group meetings are held. This is also another great place to meet with friends during HLC's open hours to play board games, watch movies or just hang out. 
Community for Life
We've learned from experience about the needs and challenges facing young adults on the autism spectrum. Young men and women need the opportunity to develop social skills and interpersonal relationships with their peers.  HLC offers a safe and supportive environment for students to develop these skills and to have fun.  
Students attend weekly skill building and discussion groups.  These sessions are staff-moderated but student-led and offer an outlet for students to speak about their experiences, concerns, and questions related to transitioning to college and independent living.  Twice a month social activities will be planned for students to practice skills with one another in supportive environment.  This model will help them develop a community for life.
Skills for Life
We know each person is unique; however, many of those on the autism spectrum have similar needs.  HLC assists students in their preparation to leave home and be on their own.  Consideration for living arrangements, choosing classes, working on study habits and time management are all important skills for our college-bound young adults. Our classes and coaching offer instruction and hands on activities to make this transition as efficient and stress free as possible.

For students entering the workforce we work on the above skills, as well as the skills needed to enter the workforce.  Through our partnerships with Liberty Thrift and Good Stuff Thrift, we offer work experience and coaching to help our students reach their goals.  Liberty has six stores in the surrounding area with volunteer and paid positions available.  Good Stuff has three stores in the surrounding area also with volunteer and paid positions available.

Through our intake process we work with an individual to develop a personalized plan using a combination of our courses and activities offered below. 
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Independent Living


Cooking/Meal Planning



Car Maintenance

Personal Skills

Study Habits


Time Management



Career Skills


Scheduling Appointments

Resume Development

Job Interviewing

Social Skills



Conflict Resolution


Connections for Life
Along with the weekly activities, social gatherings are organized on a regular basis allowing members to practice social skills in an encouraging and fun environment. HLC is the hub for our activities and gatherings, but we also offer students opportunities for "nights out" in the Bucks/Montgomery County area.  HLC has "open hours" available at the farm for students to drop in at their leisure to meet up with friends, study or hang out.
Social outings and other events are planned based on the interests of those participating. In addition to staff-facilitated events, we encourage students to organize their own social activities, as they get to know each other better, and feel comfortable doing so.
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