Our Story

Steve and Marie Haney have a heart for working with young people who are high functioning on the autism spectrum. After their oldest son, Tyler, was officially diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of seven, they found out quickly that there were not a lot of resources available to help someone like him. Academically gifted, yet lacking social skills made navigating IEP meetings, support plans and extracurricular activities increasingly difficult. Tyler was "too high functioning" to qualify for most public support programs and Marie and Steve were often left to fill in the gaps themselves. Tyler's desire to go to college, hold a full time job and develop meaningful social connections pushed them to do whatever they could to support his goals. Through his hard work, the proper college setting and their support, Tyler is accomplishing his goals. It is the Haney's passion to now assist other high-functioning young adults on the spectrum to develop the needed skills to be successful socially, vocationally and academically.