i have no idea | fall 2019

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

I have no idea what I’m doing…I really don’t…I’m not a good writer, even worse with grammar and sentence structure, but I enjoy putting thoughts on paper even when they seem random and disjointed and no one reads them...I guess three things inspire me to write…stories that at times make no sense to me…a desire to live a life of greater faith and courage…and somehow to make a difference to those with special needs…that’s it...I think.

So I’m doing it…I guess it’s the excitement in me that has to come out somehow…as I write this I am flying to Iowa to visit family and one of the best kept secrets out there…a place where life seems simpler, more innocent and caring…perhaps it’s really taking me back to a place in my mind where my childhood only saw the good in everything…people, community, hard work…maybe that’s why one of my favorite move lines from my favorite movie “Field of Dreams” still is spoken by me many times for no reason, when Shoeless Joe Jackson asks Ray Kinsella “Is this heaven?” to which Ray responds…”No, it’s Iowa.”…maybe at the end of the day that’s what we’re all looking for – a foretaste of heaven…

I have to think it’s similar to what family members of those with special needs must think about frequently…an escape to a better place…a place where they don’t have to hear the words “special needs”, have feelings of being excluded, or a sense of being stared at…just for a little bit…

So as I fly over the grids of Iowa farmland, my wife Marie has been preparing our farm (Sunset Ridge Farm) for our new cria Comet and her mother Halley….but this new chapter of our story is one we didn’t expect…Comet has no eye sight…but I’m certain he will live a great life of courage surrounded with love…so we don’t always get to write the great story that we want, but we get to live a great one that He writes…#sunsetridgefarm

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