unLimited | fall 2021

I don’t like rules…and the older I get the more I dislike them…Now I can appreciate such rules as the “rules of physics”, but I seem to think they are absolutes and how the earth and everything in it was created.

Rules, it seems to me, are man-made to control people over things that just don’t matter. For example, who says you need a rubric for a school assignment? And what makes people think whoever made that rule is correct? Here’s another one: Who said years ago you should have two spaces between a period and the start of a new sentence – a “rule” that no longer is followed.

Rules also limit people…but you know what, for years I have been a hypocrite and have limited people and God…you know, put rules up that someone isn’t capable of something, or God can’t do this and He can’t do that…not because I didn’t think He could…just that I didn’t think He would…and you know what, He’s proved me wrong time after time. And I’m afraid I have limited people as well.

Who are you limiting?

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