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Program Offerings

HLC charges monthly tuition (September through May) for its program. We strive to keep tuition as reasonable as possible. Scholarship is available if there is a financial need and can be applied for. While we desire to serve all students on the spectrum, we know not every student is appropriate for our program. Our admissions criteria and process are listed below. We will accept students at any point through the year provided there is space in the group. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Students meet the following criteria:

  1. Age 16 or older

  2. College-able (although may not be attending

  3. Attend without support

  4. Commit to weekly participation

  5. Ability to give and receive feedback

  6. Attend for at least a year to develop friendships and community

  7. Not eligible for transition services through the local school district/community (ie: waiver funding, 1:1 support, work programs, attending high school through age 21)


Expectations For Parents:

  1. Encourage your child in his/her weekly participation and goal development

  2. Attend workshops and other activities to help support your child

  3. Meet periodically with staff to discuss your child’s progress

  4. Have honest dialog with staff in areas of concern or program feedback

Monthly Tuition Covers

For the Student:                                  1. Weekly discussion group                    2. Bi-weekly socials                              3. Open hours                                        4. Parent/Student Workshops

5. 1:1 student check-ins                        6. Up to 60 minutes of job coaching/month*

For the Parents:

1. Monthly Parent Group

2. Parent check-ins

3. Parent/Student Workshops

4. 1:1 parent check-ins                            5. Community Workshops

*Job coaching is provided as needed. Any time after 60 minutes/month will be billed as an additional cost above the monthly tuition (rate of $36/hour). Unused minutes cannot be accrued from one month to the next.

Admission Process
  1. Visit HLC at an Open House or private visit

  2. Student and parent complete a questionnaire by clicking on the links below

  3. HLC will review the questionnaires and contact you to schedule an interview. (There is a $100 Intake Interview Fee which is non-refundable)

Topics Covered
  1. Communication Skills

  2. Meeting and Making Friends

  3. Time Management

  4. Dealing with Disappointment

  5. Dating

  6. Importance of Social Skills

  7. Procrastination

  8. Goal Setting

  9. Self-Advocacy

  10. Seasonal Affective Disorder

  11. Letting Go of the Past

  12. Social Media Safety

  13. Budgeting/Finances

  14. Hands on classes: Interview practice, cooking, nutrition, cleaning, exercise, phone call practice etc.

Independent Living


Cooking/Meal Planning



Car Maintenance

Personal Skills

Study Habits


Time Management



Career Skills


Scheduling Appointments

Resume Development

Job Interviewing

Social Skills



Conflict Resolution


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