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Our program focuses on supporting students as they develop community, skills, and connections. When young adults can learn and practice life skills in a safe and supportive learning environment, they can enter college or the workforce with confidence. 

Currently, we offer programming for 16-19 year olds and 20-24 year olds, with 8 - 10 students in a group. We also have a Community Group which is made up of students who have completed at least 1 year at HLC and are ready to move on to less structured programming. Our Community Group focuses on practicing skills and maintaining connections. 

“Hope Learning Center has been one of the best experiences of my young adult life. I both learned about personal skills and met new friends.”  GH, Student

As everyone desires a place to belong, all aspects of our facility were designed with the students in mind and to assist in developing community with one another. Through our weekly open hours and bi-weekly socials, students have a safe and supportive environment to build community and have fun. We also encourage students to organize their own social activities outside of HLC as they get to know each other better and feel comfortable doing so.
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Students attend a weekly discussion group from September through May where they work on skill development. Discussion group topics are based on the needs of the students in each group. Groups are interactive and relaxed, and students are encouraged to share their experiences, concerns, and questions about transitioning to college and independent living. Goal setting and development takes place throughout the year with support from staff, peers, and the students’ family.
Social Skills Topics: 
Friendships | Relationships | Etiquette | Communication | Conflict Resolution | Social Media Behavior

Personal Skills Topics:
Time Management | Study Habits | Goal Setting | Hygiene | Safety | Handling Disappointments | Self Advocacy | Physical and Emotional Wellness

Independent Living Skills Topics:
Budgeting | Finances | Nutrition | Meal Planning | Cleaning | Laundry | Car Maintenance | Appointment Making
As students develop community and skills, we want them to continue practicing what they are
learning and develop connections outside of HLC for employment, college, or furthering friendships. Volunteering is incorporated into our curriculum for students to experience different jobs, practice what they are learning and develop connections with others. Our social events in Bucks and Montgomery Counties encourage students to connect with one another and their communities.

Places where we connect with others:
Escape Room | Bowling | Shady Maple | Peddler's Village | Freddy Hill Farms | So Much to Give Cafe | Clover Leaf Archery Club | 7th Street Art Studio | Good Stuff Thrift | Living Hope Farm | St. Rocco's Treats | Worthwhile Thrift | Tabora Farms | Hands in Service
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