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Learning from the experience with our son, Tyler, who is on the spectrum, we saw him soar when he achieved these things. Our program is structured to achieve the same best possible outcomes. Students at HLC experience a safe and supportive learning environment and can carry the skills they have learned, and friendships they have made to college and adulthood.

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There are many needs and challenges facing young adults on the autism spectrum. Opportunities to develop social skills and interpersonal relationships with their peers and other adults are vital for social and economic growth. HLC offers a safe and supportive environment for students to develop these skills and have fun. Students attend a weekly discussion group from September through May. These sessions are staff-moderated but student-led and allow students to speak about their experiences, concerns, and questions about transitioning to college and independent living. Twice a month social activities are planned for students to practice social skills with one another in supportive environments. This model will help them develop a community for life.
We know each person is unique, however, many of those on the autism spectrum have similar needs. Classes are also developed based on the needs of the students in each group. HLC assists students in their preparation for college and living on their own. Consideration for living arrangements, developing goals, working on study habits, and time management are all important skills for our college-bound young adults. Our classes and coaching offer instruction and hands-on activities to make this transition as stress-free as possible.

For students entering the workforce we address the skills mentioned above, in addition to those needed for employment, including resume development and interview practice. Through our partnerships with Liberty Thrift and Good Stuff Thrift, we offer work experience and work with the students to assess their progress. Independent living skills are taught to all our students.

Throughout the year we encourage students to develop goals for their specific place in life. Periodically, we hold 1:1 check-ins with the students to check on their progress, work through difficulties and help with strategies to meet their goals. Family meetings can also be arranged as we support students in meeting their goals.
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Along with the weekly activities, social gatherings are organized regularly allowing members to practice social skills in an encouraging and fun environment. HLC is the hub for our program, activities and gatherings, but we also offer students opportunities for "nights out" in the Bucks and/or Montgomery County area. HLC has "open hours" available at the farm for students to drop in at their leisure to meet up with friends, study or hang out.

Social outings and other events are planned based on the interests of those participating. In addition to staff-facilitated events, we encourage students to organize their own social activities outside of HLC, as they get to know each other better, and feel comfortable doing so.
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