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Hope Learning Center is located on seven beautiful acres at Sunset Ridge Farm in Perkasie. Our alpacas and other small farm animals provide a little serenity for our students as well as an opportunity for animal care and interaction. We welcome visitors to stop in throughout the year to "get away from it all" and offer a short distraction from life! 

Farm tours can be arranged with advance notice by contacting us at our phone number below.  We ask for a suggested donation of $20 per group for farm tours which helps maintain the farm for the benefit of Hope Learning Center.
Alpaca Herd Visit_edited.jpg
Reggie Near Barn_edited_edited.jpg

Reggie is the leader of the herd, always making sure the other alpacas are safe and behaving! He has a dense and soft coat. Be sure to pet him when you visit!

DOB: October 17, 2011

Reggie Near Barn.jpg



Hogan is everyone's friend...except at dinner when the bigger alpacas sometimes push him out of the fact, he will gladly choose to eat out of your hand!

DOB: June 26, 2017



Haley gave birth to Comet in October 2019 but sadly Comet only lived one week.  Haley is cautious when meeting new people but a carrot will win her heart!

DOB: April 18, 2006



"Cleo" is a little ball of dust, fluff and curiosity. Born with some health challenges, she is thriving now and always has her nose in the middle of everything! She is known to nibble at visitors' hair!

DOB: November 24, 2017



Boone (which means "Blessing") is the baby of the herd.  He was our first cria born on the farm!  Boone is always looking for his playmate Cleo and is her little shadow!

DOB: July 13, 2019




Halley's full name is Halley Luya and joined the herd at Sunset Ridge Farm in March 2020. Halley is our oldest alpaca!  She is a wise and funny gal.

DOB: February 2, 2004

Halley Luya


Channing is a young female and will be bred to bring new alpacas onto the farm over the years ahead. If you are very calm during your visit she may lay at your feet and let you hug her!

DOB: August, 8, 2015



King Arthur ("Arthur") is a gentle, kind alpaca. He joined the farm in March 2020 along with Halley and Channing.  Arthur is good at alerting the herd if danger may be present.

DOB: October 4, 2016

King Arthur

Welcome to Sunset Ridge Farm
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