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Welcome to Hope Learning Center!

Hope Learning Center (HLC) serves young adults on the autism spectrum who are transitioning to college or a career. Through group meetings, social events, coaching, and classes, we encourage growth in community, skills, and connections. As a result, our young adults are better equipped to successfully transition into their next chapter of life, experienceing greater independence and fulfillment.

HLC is located on seven beautiful acres at Sunset Ridge Farm in Bucks County. This peaceful environment with alpacas and other animals lends itself to a relaxing and stress-free atmosphere for our students. Outdoors, students can enjoy s'mores around the fire pit, yard games, walking the grounds, interacting with animals, or just hanging out with friends around the pond. Our indoor space offers plenty of comfortable seating, a sensory/quiet area, a kitchenette and coffee bar, and ample room for teaching and other activities. This is an ideal place for young adults to meet, interact and build meaningful relationships. 

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