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Our ten-week course will help homeschool students develop social skills to interact effectively with peers, family, and the broader community. This course is appropriate for students with or without an autism diagnosis who would like to develop their skills in the following areas:

1.    Understanding Social Skills

2.    Group dynamics and teamwork.

3.    Friendships 

4.    Communication

5.    Empathy and Perspective Taking

6.    Emotions/emotional control

7.    Self-advocacy and assertiveness

8.    Social Etiquette

Classes will incorporate interactive activities, discussions, role-plays, and real-life examples to reinforce learning throughout the course. Students will be encouraged to practice their social skills in everyday situations, and we will provide opportunities for feedback and reflection.
This course is limited to ten students aged 13 – 15. Students must be able to participate without 1:1 support. Students should dress comfortably and wear sneakers for outdoor activities.
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