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Welcome to Sunset Ridge Farm!
Hope Learning Center is located on seven beautiful acres of Sunset Ridge Farm Perkasie. Our alpacas and other small farm animals provide a little serenity for our students as well as an opportunity for animal care and interaction. We welcome visitors to stop in throughout the year to "get away from it all" and offer a short distraction from life! 

Farm tours can be arranged with advance notice by contacting us at our phone number below.  We ask for a suggested donation of $20 per group for farm tours which helps maintain the farm for the benefit of Hope Learning Center.


Adopt an Alpaca Program to Support Hope Learning Center

Owning alpacas is fun but lots of hard work...and they require lots of grass for grazing on. So here's your chance to have an alpaca for a short-term adoption and support Hope Learning Center at the same time!

You can tell your friends you own an alpaca, bring them to our farm to see and interact with them and help feed them! There are several alpacas to choose from, all of who can be seen by clicking on our "Meet the Herd" page of our website.

How it Works:

You select one of our alpacas that are participating in the program. As a sponsor you will receive:

1. Monthly visits to the farm to interact with your alpaca 

2. An adoption certificate

3. A copy of the Alpaca Registry, Inc. (ARI) registration certificate

4. Photo opportunities with your alpaca

5. A sample of fleece from your alpaca

6. An alpaca novelty item 


The Adoption Cost is $50 for Six Months*

Give an "Adopt an Alpaca" as a Gift! 

It's easy to do! We can either send the Welcome Package to you, so you can personally give it to the person, or we can mail it directly to them and indicate this is a gift from you. Please remember this is not an instant gift. Allow sufficient time for us to prepare it and mail it to the person you wish to receive the gift.

Alpaca Herd Visit.jpg
Alpacas Grazing.jpg

Adopt an Alpaca Application


Your non-refundable contribution of $50 is used towards the costs of maintaining Sunset Ridge Farm for use by Hope Learning Center, an organization (applying for non-profit status) dedicated to transforming lives of young adults on the autism spectrum. Your payment of support does not constitute ownership of the animal but only entitles you to the above-listed benefits. Sponsorship is not exclusive to one individual per alpaca. Others can sponsor this alpaca too. The sponsorship will last for six months at which time you can renew for another 6 months or pick a new alpaca.

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